It’s Time to Refocus – Apr 4

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refocusWhere is your life headed? What will you be remembered for? Is your life focused on what is really most important?

Many people have heard the story of Jonah and the big fish. Some think it is a fairy tale. Others like the exciting adventure of the story. But the biggest message of the life and book of Jonah is that “It is Time to Refocus!”

When Jesus walked this earth 2,000 years ago he told some of the well-respected religious leaders of His time to go back and learn the lesson from the story of Jonah, because just as Jonah spent 3 days in the belly of the big fish so Jesus Himself would spend 3 days in the heart of the earth (Matthew 12:38-40). Jesus linked the story of Jonah with His own death, burial and resurrection! Now that’s something that cause all of us to be sure our lives are refocused on eternal issues!

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we learn major lessons from the Minor Prophet Jonah that will help us refocus our own lives in the last days of earth’s history. Feel free to invite friends. This is part of our study series “Major Messages from Minor Prophets.”



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