150+ Years of God’s Final Movement – July 25

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WorldChurchMapEn-2015God is doing some unbelievable things around the world through the humble, persistent efforts of His final movement. He is doing some amazing things right here in the DFW Mission Field. We are learning to relive the Book of Acts in the Bible!

Why? Because Jesus wants everyone on earth to know that He loves them and that He is coming again soon.

Throughout history, whenever the Lord enters into a covenant with His people (e.g. Noah’s family, Children of Israel, Early Christian Church, Remnant Church) He does mighty things FOR them so that He can do mighty things for the world THROUGH them. We invite you to finish our three-month journey with us as we look at God’s Movements in History and His final movement on earth today!

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we look at how God is at work in His final movement around the world and how He might work in you to do something great. Feel free to invite friends.

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