Two Laws – August 8

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304127_2354121656966_325120241_nBefore Jesus comes back, God’s final people on earth will keep all His commandments because they love and trust Jesus (Revelation 14:12; 1 John 5:3; James 2:10-12).

But there is great confusion in the Christian world over God’s commandments. Are some more important than others? Was the law done away with? Do some statutes no longer matter? Does the new covenant do away with the need for the law of God?

During the month of August we will let the Bible give us clear answers to these questions as we study The Law and the Covenants. This series will be very helpful for every believer who wants to live a life of loving obedience to their Creator.

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church (9am & 11:30am) and feel free to invite friends.

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    Will not be able to attend your seminar but was wondering I’d it will be recorded?
    Please let me know.
    Happy Sabbath.

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