Whose Side Are You On? – Jan 23

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whose-side-are-you-smallIt’s a political discussion at work. A co-worker shares passionately why everyone should vote for a certain candidate. Others agree. You chime in with a different perspective. Your co-workers look at you and say “Whose Side Are You On”?

At school your boyfriend is being unreasonable. One of your classmates tries to persuade him to quit talking and acting the way he is. You agree aloud. He turns to you and say “Whose Side Are You On”?

Your two children have gotten into a fight and now you are trying to sort it out. You listen to both sides then tell each of them to sit in a different chair until each of them gives the other permission to get up. Your child who feels the most wronged says “Whose Side Are You On”?

We are often asked to pick sides. But most importantly how can we be sure we are on the Lord’s side in our decisions and lifestyle?

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we study Joshua 5:13-15 (and The Great Hope chapter 3). This is part of our series “The Great Hope.” Feel free to invite friends.


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