Major Messages from Minor Prophets Series (Mar-Apr 2015)

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Minor ProphetsYou think you have problems? Each of the Bible’s Minor Prophets had a huge challenge to face in living and speaking for God! How they dealt with their problems can teach us positive ways to deal with ours. There is always hope because the Lord is always there!

“I will heal their backsliding,
I will love them freely,
For My anger has turned away from him.” Hosea 14:4.

Join us on this two-month Bible study adventure!

Sermon Series – Mar-Apr 2015

  • March 7   Zephaniah = The Lord has Sheltered/Hidden – Eric Louw
  • March 14   It’s time to Repent (Joel = The Lord is God) – Dan Serns (Communion Service)
  • March 21   AY (Adventist Youth/Young Adults) Ministries Sabbath
  • March 28   It’s time to Rebuild (Haggai = Festival) – Dan Serns
  • April 4  It’s time to Refocus (Jonah = Dove) – Dan Serns (International Sabbath)
  • April 11   Youth Sabbath – Richardson Youth Preachers
  • April 18   Stewardship Ministries Sabbath – Minner Labrador, Southwestern Union of SDA (Announce Faith Challenge progress)
  • April 25   It’s time to Restore (Malachi = My Messenger) – Dan Serns

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Jesus Prayed for You! – Feb 28

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Jesus prayed for you and me!

Jesus had just celebrated the first communion service with his disciples in the Upper Room. Judas, one of His 12 closest followers, had become a traitor and left the group to make arrangements for Jesus’ capture and execution. Soon Jesus and the 11 would arrive at the Garden of Gethsemane, a favorite place of prayer. Soon His “faithful” disciples would be falling asleep when He asked them to stay awake, running away when trouble came and denying Him while He was in the room. He knew that the next day He would be in agony, nailed to a cross.

But there on that most difficult life of His life Jesus prayed one of His most beautiful prayers to His Father in heaven (John 17). He was so happy that they were united in the plan of redemption for the human race. He prayed for His disciples, that they would find that unity He and His Father enjoyed.

And then he looked down the corridors of time and saw you and me, and all who have become believers in Jesus because others shared their faith with us. And He prayed for us, in spite of the difficulties He was going through!

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we learn how much Jesus loves us and how to pray for others even during our difficult times. Feel free to invite friends.

This is final message in our study series on “Praying Like Jesus”.

Your is the Kingdom… – Feb 14

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second-coming-of-christAt the end of time there will be two groups of people; those who want their own kingdom, power & glory and those who want Our Heavenly Father’s kingdom, power & glory.

How can learn to trust Our Heavenly Father more than ourselves?

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we learn what it means to pray “Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory Forever. Amen.” Feel free to invite friends.

This is part of our study series on “Praying Like Jesus” from the Lord’s Prayer.

Pastor Dan’s Letter – January 2015

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Dear Richardson Church Family & Friends,

Get ready for some serious personal and spiritual growth!

We keep growing. We all know we have been growing in numbers faster than we can keep up with, in spite of continued church planting. So our Expansion Team has been working with architects and input from our members for almost a year to address the situation. The plans for a Family Life Center and additional parking are on display in the church lobby. The total cost is just under $1.3 million. Saturday evening, January 24 the church family voted to see if God is clearly telling us to build or not. How will we know? That’s where the “Faith Challenge” comes in.

The “Faith Challenge” – If we raise at least $400,000 (cash-in-hand) of the $1.3 million needed by April 30, 2015 we will build the much-needed Family Life Center and additional parking. If we do not raise at least $400,000 (cash-in-hand) we will return all donations marked “Faith Challenge” to the donors and look to God for some other direction. The enclosed “Family Life Center & Parking Proposal” gives more details.

prayer-pic-11Talking to the Lord. I would like you to prayerfully and personally accept the “Faith Challenge.” Please ask the Lord how much He wants you to give. When you are impressed with an amount ask yourself these questions—

    • Have I prayed about how much the Lord wants me to give?
    • Does this amount show faith and a spirit of sacrifice?
    • Is this amount above and beyond what I usually give?

All can be involved. If the answer is yes to all three questions the Lord will give you wisdom in how to go about finding the funds. It might include giving up something unneeded or even harmful, postponing something for later, selling something that isn’t needed, working an extra job for awhile, giving a tax refund, etc. All ages can be involved in helping, including children. Former members and friends of the church who aren’t even members can have a part in this great adventure. And remember, all donations will be returned if we don’t meet the challenge. This is truly a “Faith Challenge” and a faith adventure for all of us.

Testimonies. We know as people accept the “Faith Challenge” they will see some amazing things happen in their lives. We want to hear and share the testimonies. If you have a story please send it (100-200 words) to the church office by email ( or through the website ( so we can share it in the enewsletter. Your faith will inspire faith in others.

How and where to give. You can give regularly (weekly, monthly) or whenever money becomes available. You can give in any of these ways.

    • At any worship service or in a lobby drop box.
    • Online (
    • By mail (1201 W. Belt Line Rd. Richardson, TX 75080)

Be sure to mark your donation “Faith Challenge” and include your name and address.

The Big Announcement. On Sabbath, April 18 we will announce how much has come in to date. We don’t plan to give updates until then. On Sabbath, May 2 we will announce if we have met the “Faith Challenge” or not.

This is an exciting time for us as we look for God’s leading in our lives, our homes, our finances, our church family and our DFW Mission Field.

Thanks for your willingness to seek the Lord’s will and to be a part of this adventure for Him.

Looking for His leading,


Dan Serns, Senior Pastor


Give Us This Day… – Jan 24

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(spiritual) hungerAbout 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every four seconds. Sadly, it is children who die most often.

In addition there are about 132,000 more people who die each day from other causes. Many who die have a desperate spiritual hunger to know more about their Heavenly Father.

Why did Jesus teach us to pray “Give us this day our daily bread?” What happens when we begin answering our own prayer?

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we learn what it means to pray “Give us this day our daily bread.” Feel free to invite friends.

This is part of our study series on “Praying Like Jesus” from the Lord’s Prayer.

Your Kingdom Come… – Jan 17

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prayer-pic-11Many prayers sound like “Give me, give me, give me” or “Thank you, thank you, thank you” or “Why God? Why God? Why God?”

But our Heavenly Father wants to have a deeper conversation with us. He wants us to realize that even though He is holy and we aren’t He is still our loving Father. He wants us to learn what it means to live with Him as King of our lives and to ask for His kingdom to come. He wants us to learn that His will and plans for our lives are so much better than anything we could think of for ourselves.

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we learn what it means to pray “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Feel free to invite friends.

This is part of our study series on “Praying Like Jesus” from the Lord’s Prayer.