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Transforming Your Church


Fill the Baptistry Sabbath

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Focus your congregation on the mission with a Fill the Baptistry Sabbath every month or quarter.

Believers: Accept Jesus as your Savior & Lord. Embrace all Bible truths, then ask a pastor, church board member or group leader to help you officially unite with the Adventist Movement.

Elders: Fill the Baptistry or identify a body of water for baptism.

Pastors: Identify those Jesus is bringing into His final movement and baptize all who are ready.

Church Family Memebers: Love the new believers and help them grow, serve, share and invite others to prepare for the next Fill the Baptistry Sabbath.


Secrets of Hope

Anyone who loves Jesus and Bible truth can use these resources to preach their own reaping meetings:
(English) Secrets of Hope
(Spanish) Secrets of Hope
(Bilingual) Secrets of Hope
Bonus Sermons

For additional free sermon presentations and ideas, visit: GC Evangelism

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Leadership Weekend

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Bring your church leadership team to visit Richardson SDA for a behind-the-scenes look, including visits to a New Member Orientation, Sabbath School, Worship, Potluck, Elders Meeting and Q&A with a Pastor. Fourth Sabbath of each month from Friday 7pm to Saturday 7pm. Let us know you are coming at least one week in advance: Contact Us



Misc. Resources

Mobilizing Youth: Presentation Pdf
Small Group Training: Presentation Pdf